A little over a year ago, Adriane brought home a Behmor 1600 Plus coffee roaster. We had a shop near where we live in Portland, Mr. Green Beans, that sold green coffee beans and every time that we walked past it, I mentioned that I thought it would be fun to roast our own coffee. Read more...

Triple Falls
Horsetail Falls Loop

This could easily have been title Waterfall Porn since this hike takes you past several incredible falls. It is a short hike, 5 miles or so, about an hour out the Gorge from Portland.

Mint Julep
Mint Julep

On the eve of Derby Day I felt that our fancy cocktails tonight should be a nice mint julep.

Wildflowers abound
McCall Point / Rowena Crest

This hike is out the Gorge, outside of the bustling metropolis of Mosier, Oregon, pop. 430. It starts at the Rowena scenic overlook off of historic Highway 30.

The Fedora

Hold onto your hat! This one is a bit of an ass kicker. While it has quite few different liquors in it, it really is a tasty drink.

The Chi Chi
Chi Chi

The Chi Chi really should be served in a coconut glass and come with an umbrella, but we do what we can. This drink screams tiki and after a couple, so will you.

Ultimate Pi Day Pie
Key Lime Pie

March this year was a big month for math nerds. As I'm sure that you all know, π is 3.141592653, so, of course, that translates to 03/14/15 9:26:53 or March 14th, 2015 9:26:53 a.m.

2011 Timbers billboard
Opening 2015 - Portland Timbers
Five years ago Adriane and I were still pretty new to town. I had started working at Mercy Corps the previous September and we were still getting to know our new city.
Rye Smash
Rye Smash

The Rye Smash is a pretty simple cocktail, but it is quite tasty and you know how I love to muddle.

Looking east up the Columbia
Coyote Wall - Labyrinth loop

Since Mother Nature is refusing to rain on us, we were forced to get out and about for the second weekend in a row. The "it rains in Portland nine months out of the year" ain't no joke.

Rye Rogers
Rye Rogers

A tasty, adult version of the classic Roy Rodgers, the Rye Rogers is a refreshing cocktail for any time of year.

On the trail, crack of mid-morning
Eagle Creek

Mother Nature, or climate change, or a freak occurrence in our natural weather patterns, has been wreaking havoc with our winter.

The Sky Pilot
Sky Pilot

This one came from Rachel Maddow's Cocktail Moment and includes one of my favorites, the American classic, applejack..

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